Features In This Issue
  • Tom Brokaw and Other Heroes

    How Tom Brokaw, three young Americans and Jimmy Carter faced the challenges of their lives.

  • Active Fall Travel Ideas

    Who says summer is the only time to get away? Make the off-season your “on-season.”

  • Fall Recipes For Entertaining

    Kick off the fall season with 10 new delicious recipes that will wow your friends and family.

  • Coloring Books for Adults?

    The answer to how to push yourself away from the computer screen: coloring books for adults.

  • Thumbs Up for Coffee

    Health benefits of drinking coffee are reviewed. Some of the best coffee shops in the U.S. are highlighted.

  • Driven by Vision

    UnitedHealthcare CEO, Steve Nelson, who manages to juggle family and full-throttle business activities with Ironman races.

  • Unstoppable Force

    John Force, the unstoppable race car driver who keeps on burning up the tracks at age 66.

  • September is Healthy Aging® Month

    Think it’s too late to “reinvent” yourself? Think again. Tips to help you redefine yourself.

  • Join the Dance

    The dance craze is resurging and the benefits are all rolled into one heart-beating exercise.

In Every Issue
  • Arts

    Five great reasons to get off the couch and head to the movie theatre for popcorn and a flick.

  • Health

    Essentials of a healthy posture, how to maintain it while keeping up with technology and fashion.

  • Finance

    Back to work after retirement. How social security, taxes and healthcare are affected.

  • Food

    A review of the gluten-free diet. What is celiac disease, who needs the diet, what foods are gluten-free.

  • Ideas

    How to have fun during your “next phase” by continuing to work. Seven jobs you may be overlooking.

  • Profile

    Paris: The cure to one couple’s “something missing.” Their daring story of living like Parisians.

  • Style

    2015 fall fashion trends. The retro look of the 70s is in with a new flair, textures, fall colors.

  • Bookshelf

    New books recommended by Healthy Aging® Magazine staff to inspire, educate and inform.