How Do You Find Your Happiness?

Photo: Unsplash. Joshua Earl

Photo: Unsplash. Joshua Earl

Happiness: Show the world with your personal photo

By Alyssa Martin

Healthy Aging® is on the lookout for the BEST, most inspirational photos depicting “finding happiness” to post weekly on the website,

Photo: Unsplash. Delaney Dawson

Photo: Unsplash. Delaney Dawson

What makes you happy? Is it through travel to far-off places, playing a musical instrument, volunteering, preparing your favorite recipe, sharing meals, surfing, cycling or rock climbing?

Or, maybe it’s just relaxing under a tree and reading a good book?

This is your chance to show the world your photos of how you find your happiness or follow your passion.

Photo: Unsplash. Annie Spratt

Photo: Unsplash. Annie Spratt

We want to share what makes you happy so we can inspire others to be as passionate about life as you are.

Use #HABest so your photograph will be noticed on social media.

Message us your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or e-mail us:

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