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Fall Getaway: Amorgos Island, Greece, October 31 to November 5, 2019

Film festival and gastronomic event at The Aegialis Hotel and Spa, Amorgos, Greece

Recipe Kick Off for A Healthy Fall Season

One pot meals to kick off healthy fall menus

Celebrate September is Healthy Aging® Month By Reinventing Yourself!

10 tips for September is Healthy Aging Month


Challenged by a bet that would change her physically, mentally, and socially

Mother’s Lifespan Predicts Daughters Living to 90 Without Chronic Disease

Results show a 25 percent increased likelihood of living longer and healthier if mom lived to age 90 and a 38 percent increase if both parents did

Benefits of Going Vegetarian

Is going vegan for you? Excerpt from Healthy Aging Magazine with recipes