Latest Issue of Healthy Aging Magazine Published!


The latest issue of Healthy Aging Magazine has been published.

Travel the world through this special issue featuring unique places to visit, tips on what to wear, international foods to prepare in your kitchen and books to help you dream about your vacation.

You will love the gorgeous photography, thought-provoking articles, easy to read and maneuver, digital edition. While some of the articles will be excerpted on the Healthy Aging website, to enjoy the full articles, a paid subscription is required.

Here’s a sampling:

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter Author, Rise to Success.

How the novelist triumphed over adversity to become one of the most successful authors in history

Traveling the Magical World of Harry Potter.

Ideas for a Harry Potter vacation.

Travel Ideas for Foodies.

Ideas for culinary tours from around the world.

Voluntouring: Vacations that Make a Difference

Travel the world while making a difference in the environment and others lives

Got Bag, Will Travel

Evolution of luggage and what’s new.

10 Unique Hotels from Around the World

Awesome places to stay that are just out of this world.

Full-Circle Sojourner

75-year-old Soren “Sojo” West, one of the oldest Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers

Hostels Gone Upscale

Hostels have grown up. Ideas for where to fine one to test out.

101 Things to Do in Rhode Island

Insider tips of what to do in Rhode Island by Gary Sikorski, Schiffer Publishing.


Michael Yale Harris, national hotelier follows his passion and pivots to life as a successful sculptor


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