Racing Age Exhibit in Brooklyn Through Feb. 16 Celebrates Older Athletes

Gehrett, 74. Discus thrower.

Be inspired at the United Photo Industries Gallery, Brooklyn, NY by an outstanding photography A documentary project, shot on medium format Hasselblad on black & white film, about the senior athletes competing in the masters track & field competition circuit in the United States and around the world.exhibit of inspirational, older athletes.  ​Angela Jimenez’s ​photos​, ​Racing ​Age, a photographic series on ​Master’s  track and field athletes around the world are on display.  Dynamic and inspiring!  After viewing these beautiful portraits you will get up and off the sofa this weekend. Closing Monday February 16​.​

​On view at The United Photo Industries Gallery, 111 Front St. #204 Brooklyn, NY. 11201

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