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Internships Available with Healthy Aging Multi-Media

Publishing, Communications, Marketing and Business Development

The Healthy Aging® Multi-Media Platform is:

Healthy Aging® Magazine, A lifestyle magazine for all ages
Healthy Aging® Website:
Healthy Aging® Bi-Monthly Newsletter
Social Media
Business opportunity development

Dates of internship:

Semesters or Summer Opportunities

About Healthy Aging® Magazine

Healthy Aging® Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine targeting middle to upper income, active adults (45-plus), men and women. Each issue features tips, techniques and resources for how to live a more healthy life. Key highlights include a celebrity cover profile (Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Crowe, Regis Philbin, Dolly Parton, Steven Tyler, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, Colin Powell, etc.) as well as extensive travel, food and how to live life better articles.

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Internship Opportunity

The position offers an insight into the communications, marketing and sales required to build the brand, Healthy Aging®, the production of a timely website, and the skills necessary to publish and market Healthy Aging® Magazine.


Availability: Work from home office and, if within a close radius, one day a week (several hours) at Healthy Aging business office. Prefer some daytime hours, for staff meetings and collaboration, although some research can be done in the evening. Need to commit to some flexible time during normal business hours to contact media and other representatives. Some work, such as research, can be done at any time. Self-starters and independent workers can work virtually.

8 to 10 hours per week for 13/ 14 weeks (120 hours total for 3 credits)

Types of projects and activities:

Editorial Development

Research, write, post articles for website. Research other articles and photo resources for staff writers. Assistance in development of editorial calendar.

Bi-Monthly Healthy Aging Newsletter

Opportunity to help write, produce and distribute electronic newsletter.


Opportunity to help post regular content to Healthy Aging® website. Word Press knowledge necessary, photo editing helpful.

Website Manager

Opportunity for intern experienced with website development to help manage website.

Marketing and Publicity

Distribute electronically periodic news releases about Healthy Aging Magazine content, and other news. Help develop concepts for marketing the Healthy Aging brand including September is Healthy Aging Month and the magazine.

Marketing and Advertising Sales

Opportunity to help develop sales presentations, call on advertisers, create custom programs for advertisers. Commission fee for results.

Social media updates

Help develop and post content for social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and blog.

Healthy Aging® Magazine

Help research content for feature articles.

Research and Database development

Help expand growing database.

Resume Building Credit

Opportunity provides intern to list such positions on resume as: Editorial Assistant, Healthy Aging Magazine, national print and digital publication, social media specialist, public relations assistant, Healthy Aging® and Healthy Aging® Magazine marketing assistant, marketing communications assistant, advertising and sales executive, business development consultant.

Primarily Unpaid. Sales commission on advertising and marketing sales.

For more information, contact:

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