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TAI CHI. A Perfect Exercise for Mind and Body

A primer on Tai Chi as fea­tured in Healthy Aging Magazine

River Walk from Bridge Al Rendon

Healthy Travel Tips: Always A Fiesta in San Antonio

The town of San Anto­nio with the lazy San Anto­nio River wind­ing right through it is the heart­beat of the city. This is the per­fect place for trav­el­ers who like to be active and healthy while on a trip.

Passion for cars is lifelong from collecting and admiring to racing

America’s Car Culture

For many men of the Baby Boom gen­er­a­tion what really made cars cool was the icons of the surf and car sound of the mid-60s.

How much savings is enough for the long haul?

Healthy Aging Magazine Finance Article: How Much is Enough? Will You Outlive Your Savings?

As much longer life­times may become more com­mon­place, are we ready financially?

Photo courtesy of Sony Legacy

John Denver Honored As Legacy Recordings’ Artist Of The Month

John Den­ver (1943−1997) on the occa­sion of his 70th birth­day, is being cel­e­brated as the Legacy Record­ings Artist of the Month.