Do You Need A Personal Shopper to Help You Look Great?

hamag.nordstrom.emlrg.jpgHave you ever wondered about what it would be like to work with a personal shopper?  Perhaps, you have seen the notices in department and clothing stores for personal shopping service.  You might have thought, “Sure, I would love to have a personal shopper, but I CAN’T AFFORD THAT.  These shoppers must be just for the super wealthy.”  We decided to take the mystery out of the “personal shopper” experience.  Here’s what we found at one department store…


First step:   You can go to to find the Nordstrom nearest you and request a stylist.  Alternatively,  you can call the store or stop in to request a personal stylist. Your stylist will ask you questions about what you are looking for and your style. You can be as general or as specific as you like.

What are the details of the arrangement?

When you come in for your appointment, the stylist will have items pulled for you based on your initial conversation. Your personal stylist will shop the entire store from apparel and shoes to handbags and jewelry. There is no pressure to buy and you will not be charged for the appointment. Your stylist can also arrange a bra fitting and a visit to our beauty stylist (cosmetics/ skincare).

When I arrived for our appointment, the personal shopper had a large dressing room staged with selections she thought matched my interests.  It certainly makes you feel “special” that someone has thought ahead about what you might like to wear.  In my case, since we had never met, the stylist’s best guestimate needed some adjustment so we quickly walked through various departments based on my tastes and grabbed alternatives.  It was terrific shopping with someone who had a good eye for the latest styles and was listening to my goals and budget.

What specific tips does the personal shopper have for women 45 to 50 plus to look their best, young/active/and not dowdy?

Nordstrom says they don’t think that age dictates fashion. A tip that they recommend to customers of all ages who are looking to liven up their wardrobe is to incorporate color & print!  Adding a blazer, handbag or pair of shoes in a great color or print can brighten up any wardrobe. Another tip for looking your best is to make sure you are buying items that fit you perfectly. Everybody is different and clothing sizes can vary. If something doesn’t look right, try moving up or down a size.

In my case, I dared to try on some of the new bright colored jeans and a “pencil” skirt which I probably would have passed by otherwise.  The fit was terrific and I splurged.

Do you want to give the personal shopper a try?  Here are some tips in the latest issue of Healthy Aging Magazine.  To purchase a print copy, click here.

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