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Healthy Aging Magazine Fall 2023 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

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What’s Inside?

Inspirational and informative articles including:

Arnold Schwarzenegger book

Arnold’s Tool Kit for a Meaningful Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest book: Be Useful. Seven Tools for Life



Adventurous Cycling in Tenerife: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Bucket list travel for anyone who loves cycling…

Mediterranean diet - www.healthyaging.net

Photo: Deposit Photos

More Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Healthy recipe ideas from Mediterranean-themed cookbooks…

September is Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging® Month 2023

What’s it all about, resources and 10 tips…

Aviv Clinics - www.healthyaging.net

The Multiplace Chambers at Aviv Clinics in the Villages, Florida. Photo: Aviv Clinics

The Aging Brain: How to Prioritize Brain Health As You Age

Aviv Clinics physician offers insight and tips…

National Senior Games - Bass Family - healthyaging.net

Six Siblings Return to Competitive Swimming After 50

National Senior Games reunion & proving swimming is lifelong sport…

wasting time. www.healthyaging.net

Five Reasons to Indulge in Wasting Time

Doing lots of nothing can sometimes make us fulfilled…

resistance training - www.healthyaging.net

Photo: Deposit Photos

The Power of Resistance Training: A Key to Successful Aging

Dispelling the myths of resistance training…

travel safety tips - www.healthyaging.net

Travel Safety Tips for Today’s Traveler in an Uncertain World

21 tips from personal safety expert Paxton Quigley…

gift of life. healthyaging.net

The Gift of Aging

21 tips for achieving a healthy lifestyle…

How the brain works

The Science of Successful Brain Aging

Tips on how to help our brain age successfully…

The world of social media

Healthy Living in the Age of Social Media

Pros and cons of social media …

Close-up of an optometrist doing sight testing for senior patient

How Cataract Surgery Can Help Turn Back the Clock on Your Vision

What you need to know about cataract surgery…

Bill Humphreys from trucker to white collar position

Peterbilt Wake-Up Call

One man’s story why it is never too late…

Morning run

Morning Walk and Run

How you start your day, “feeling the bliss,” sets you up for the rest…

The phoenix is an immortal bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again


Learning to ‘Phoenix Up’ and out of grief …

how exercise can be incorporated into daily life


What we’ve gotten wrong about exercise…

the importance of oral health for smiles


Achieving optimal oral health as you age…

Overstuffed mini peppers

(Over) Stuffed Mini Peppers. From the Vegetarian Reset cookbook. Photo: Alexandra Shytsman


Vegetables to the rescue …


Redefining wealth: An unexpected lesson …

publisher letter

Carolyn Worthington, Healthy Aging Magazine publisher



New books to check out…

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Healthy Aging Magazine Readers …






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