Healthy Aging® Magazine Announces Upcoming Issue with Special Subscription Promo

Healthy Aging Magazine Spring-Summer 2024Get ready to be inspired through the latest issue of Healthy Aging® Magazine, which is now available for pre-order. Save big with $5.00 off a regular subscription with PROMO CODE: SAVE5. That’s less than $5.00 per issue!

What’s Inside

Healthy Aging® Magazine is the upbeat quarterly digital for the active 45-plus set. Grab your copy for inspirational features, tips, techniques, and resources for healthier living.

The publication celebrates life and what you can do rather than what you can’t do. It is not a medical journal. Instead, it’s filled with articles on what to do next, from second careers and travel to financial planning and recipes.

The latest issue features psychologist and author Phillip C. McGraw, PhD, who has spent a great deal of time wondering about this upheaval of American life, too. And he says he has some answers.

Full English Breakfast Healthy Aging Magazine

Full English Breakfast from Regional Cooking of England.  Used with permission.

Foodies will love exploring the article on Carol Wilson’s new book, Regional Cooking of England, with many delicious recipes, including a Full English Breakfast, Tomato Soup, and Halibut Fillets with Parsley Sauce.

Sample of features in Healthy Aging Magazine

Sample of features in upcoming issue of Healthy Aging Magazine. (Clockwise from top left) This is 64 by Robert Reames, nutritionist and personal trainer; Kay Eldredge on trying something different, Photo: Deposit Photos; Claire Fullerton, Different Hats; How to Grow Flowers in Small Spaces by Stephanie Walker.

It’s never too late to try something new or change your lifestyle. Discover ideas here from people who have done just that a little later in life … from rediscovering the joys of exercise and performing in a Shakespearean play to fencing and BMX riding. You will hear from fiction book authors who found their passion after other careers. Discover new ways for small space gardening . . . and more.

Thought-provoking articles are also here, such as what it means to be musical, overcoming jealousy, and finding purpose in life.

This issue also offers ideas on how to manage your finances and plan for the future.

Active travelers will enjoy the feature on ideas of country jaunts in Great Britain.

Not a subscriber? Use the PROMO CODE: SAVE5. Each issue is under $5.00.


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