Arizona Kicks Off New Active Travel and “Next Stop” Series


Considering active travel spots and possible places to live next? Looking for off-the-beaten path  and insider activities? Or, are you considering your “next stop?” Will you stay in your lifelong community, redecorate, downsize or move on down the road? For those who are seeking exciting travel and, perhaps, a lifestyle change, Healthy Aging Magazine introduces the new series: Next Stop.

Make Arizona Your Next Stop.

Arizona may be known as the Grand Canyon State to the other 49 states, but the 6.7 million people who live in Arizona will tell you that their home state has so much more to offer. Arizona is on the rise for one of the most popular states to retire and why wouldn’t it be when it has so much to offer?

Arizona aims to please everyone whether it’s with their varying climate, their indoor and outdoor activities or their small and large cities. Arizona has something for everyone who chooses to retire there, and the bonus is their breathtaking natural scenery and world class arts. When considering retirement, move Arizona to the top of the list, because it’s guaranteed to check off every item on your wish list.

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Here is a sampling of what you will find in the extensive article on why Arizona might be the perfect place for your next stop:

A Special Quality of Life

From the climate, variety of activities, healthcare, tax system and quality communities, Arizona offers one of the best places to relocate for quality of life. Here’s why …

The Diverse Climate

Arizona has a reputation of having a dry and hot climate, but those who live in the Grand Canyon State will tell you that the climate is actually quite varied.

Central Arizona will offer you mild weather even in January while northern Arizona will offer you perfect weather for swooshing down the ski slopes. But if the hot climate is for you, southern Arizona is calling your name, because sunbathing and swimming is all you’ll be doing under the Tucson sun.

Arizona offers the perfect weather for every individual’s personal preference. Maybe that’s why more than 45,000 people moved away from the bitter cold last year and to the perfect climate.

Abundance of Activities

Arizona’s diverse climate makes it the ideal place for outdoor recreational activities, ranging from golf to their dozens of national parks.

Golf enthusiasts will never run out of premiere courses to choose from thanks to Arizona’s 300 course options. Whether you’re someone who golfs for fun, or if you’re on your way to being the next Tiger Woods, there’s a golf course in Arizona for you.

Top 5 Cities

The top 5 cities of Arizona are explored. They are:


Sedona is a desert town near Flagstaff surrounded by red rock walls and pine forests. It is known for its vibrant arts community, which will give you a sense of relaxation and wonder. Sedona has tons of shops, art galleries and spas.


Phoenix is the capital and the largest city in Arizona. While mountains surround Phoenix, the city itself is mostly flat. Phoenix has so much to offer its visitors including museums and gardens.

Mesa Arts Center, Arizona

Mesa Arts Center


Although Mesa is smack dab in the middle of the Arizona desert, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. Mesa is a high class town that will keep you extremely busy.


Scottsdale is where luxury and fun combine to form a year round vacation for those who live there.


Flagstaff is surrounded by amazing natural wonders, which are worth visiting and for some of them, all you will have to do is walk outside!

The article also includes tips on where you should stay, review of Arizona’s healthcare offerings, the local economy, taxes, and best active adult communities.

Where You Should Stay While Visiting


When you visit Arizona to see if it’s the right fit for you, don’t worry about accommodations, because Arizona offers its visitors only the best when it comes to hotels and resorts. No matter what part of Arizona you are staying in, there is going to be a spectacular view—both indoors and outdoors.

L’Auberge de Sedona is surrounded by Arizona’s Red Rock country and set on the banks of Oak Creek, which makes visitors feel like they’re in a whole new world. But in reality, they are only minutes from the action of downtown Sedona.

To Learn More About Arizona

For more information about Arizona, visit the official Arizona travel and vacation site, Visit Arizona.


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