Understanding and Overcoming Retirement-Related Depression

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Retirement depression

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By Ashley Subler, MD

Retirement is often portrayed as a time of leisure and relaxation, a time when you’re finally free to explore your passions. But for many retirees, the transition from a life of work to a new daily routine can be jarring.

While rates of depression after retirement vary considerably across studies, as everyone’s experience is unique, we do know that post-retirement depression is a significant risk for many older adults.

Those who involuntarily or unexpectedly retire may be at a higher risk of post-retirement depression. Additionally, retirees who experience financial difficulties or live alone may be more vulnerable to developing symptoms of depression.

Retirement represents a significant life transition, and for some individuals, it can be difficult to navigate the loss of daily structure, social connections, and sense of purpose. Adjusting to changed routines, finding one’s new place in the community, and grappling with a shift in identity can lead to symptoms of depression.

No matter the cause, it’s important to recognize the signs of depression and seek support to manage this condition effectively.

What are the signs, causes, and treatments of retirement-related depression, and what tips are there to help you live the most fulfilling life in retirement?

Signs of Depression

Depression does not always mean sadness. Someone’s personal experience with or symptoms of depression can vary depending on the person.

Proactively check in with yourself and loved ones for symptoms of depression. These signs may manifest as:

  • Losing interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Self-isolation
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