Unique Excursions: Visit Farmers Markets of the World – Spain to Seattle

San Sebastian, Spain food market. Photo: C. Worthington

There is nothing like eating a ripe, juicy tomato just plucked from the vine. Or, spreading a slab of buttery and creamy brie on a baguette slice only moments after visiting the actual cheese maker at the local farmers market.

Thanks to the continued growth of farmer’s markets in the U.S. and around the world, we can enjoy local bounty such as these right from the source. With summer upon us, the mother lode of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables and handmade products from cheese to jam is here.

America’s love affair with the local food movement shows no signs of slowing. In the U.S., more than 115,000 local farms sold more than $3 billion worth of local foods through on-farm stores and farmers markets, according to the last Local Food Marketing Practices Survey released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) two years ago.

The survey concluded that more than 80 percent of all direct market food sales occurred within 100 miles of the farm, and that most farms selling to consumers were less than 20 miles from their largest grossing marketplace. Now that’s fresh.

Vacation Ideas From Spain to California

You may not build an entire vacation around visiting a local farmer’s market. However, adding a market to your sightseeing list while on vacation is a great way to learn more about an area, meet the local farmers and taste regional fare.

Here are several markets that you might want to put on your unique travel to-do list.

La Brezta, San Sebastian, Spain

La Brezta, San Sebastian, Spain. Photo: C. Worthington

San Sebastian, Spain

La Brezta. Healthy Aging.net

Unique seafood varieties to explore at La Brexta.

Olive oils for sale at La Brexta

Two to check out are La Bretxa and San Martin. La Bretxa has both the outdoor produce and many shops and stalls within the building. It is centrally located on the main boulevard in between City Hall and the Kursaal Cultural Center. This market dates back to 1870. Today, the local food stalls cover the full lower level floor.

San Martin, originally built in 1884, is today a modern building refurbished in 2005, housing a combination of food markets and other stores.

You will find fish of all kinds, olive oils, freshly picked vegetables and locally prepared specialties to take out. For more information, Spain Tourism Board.

Pike Place Market Seattle. Farmers Markets. Healthy Aging.net

Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA. Photo: Deposit Photos, Audrey Kry

Pike Place Market

1st Ave and Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101

Pike Place Market bills itself as more than a market. It is a small, very special, nine-acre historic district in the heart of downtown Seattle. The market brings together farmers, craft artists, small businesses and the community members.

More than just a farmer’s market, Pike Place encompasses the Pike Market Senior Center and Food Bank, Pike Market Childcare and Preschool and Pike Market Clinic. Pike Place was chartered by the City of Seattle to provide services also for low-income individuals. Preserving and protecting the historic buildings and character of the area is part of the mission.
The Market is open 363 days a year, closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Check the website for hours.

Farmers Market New York City

New York City Farmers Market. Photo: Deposit Photos

Union Square Greenmarket
New York City

Located on the north and west sides of Manhattan’s Union Square Park, the Union Square Market is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 6.

It’s a must stop when you visit New York City. What a refreshing oasis in the city of concrete to find locally grown plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as artisan breads, jams, pickles, wine, honey, an enormous variety of cheeses and lots more.

Click here to see who’s in the market today and who’s not:

Green City Market. Farmers Market. Healthy Aging

Green City Market photo

Green City Market

Green City Market started 18 years ago. It is considered Chicago’s largest sustainable farmers market.
Farmers and local producers sell to the public and directly to chefs in the greater Chicago community.

Green City Market is open outdoor from May through October, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7AM to 1PM.

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