Short, Chunky and Funky Boots Plus Fun Colors Set the Fall Fashion Stage

Abeo short boot. Style: Nella

Abeo Short Boot. Style: Nella

Hey ladies! Do have your cool boots yet for fall? Do you know what the new fall fashion colors are for 2016?

Get with it by wearing the new fall colors and make them snazzy with low cut boots.

When it comes to footwear this season, the chunkier the boot, the better. Who would have thought of wearing short boots with skirts and dresses?

And the style will continue on through 2017. A peak at the Paris fashion show reveals lots of boots with dresses and skirts. Back at home, comfy and fashionable boots by ABEO will take your through the season.

Maison Margiela shows yellows and gray combination accented with short boots

Maison Margiela shows yellows and gray combination accented with short boots

Boots with Skirts, Dresses Confirmed by Maison Margiela Fashion House

One design house, Maison Margiela, the French luxury fashion house founded by Belgian designer Martin Margiela, confirms the trend at Fashion Week Paris 2017. A look at the fashions shows many short boots accessorizing everything from skirts to coats.

According to the design house, colors and styles are being reshuffled. “Both upending and conforming to the color signifiers of a traditional garment, the color card defies expectation. Within a single garment, traditional grey men’s wear checks, taupe outerwear, and hi-vis sports hues are paired with eccentric touches of neon-tone knitwear, jewel-toned metallic leather or sheer organza, and bright raincoat yellow cotton.”

In other words, change it up. Anything goes … as usual!

What’s In Style for Fall?

The days are turning cooler and the foliage on the trees is beginning to change right before our eyes. It truly illustrates the apt theme of reinvention, which is representative of this fall’s unconventional trends among designers.

Offbeat Colors

The deviation from classical fall hues—warm tones like reds, oranges, golds, and browns—is this fall season’s most unexpected trend. Most years, it’s expected that designers will play with the typical fall palette, but in 2016, designers shed what was expected from them and took a chance on some a-typical fall colors like dusty pinks, cream golds, and different shades of gray.

Think Pink

Light pinks are typically thought of as a spring color, but this fall, dusty, blush pinks have unexpectedly taken over as the color of the season.


Sour Lemon Merino V-Neck Sweater, royal Navy Leather Wrap Pencil Skirt, Leopard ERI Strappy D’Orsay Flat and Classic Camel Slouchy Zip-Fold Haircalf Clutch. Photo: Talbots.

Hello Yellow

Yellow is not a surprising hue for the fall season, but this year, gone are the goldenrods meant to match the changing leaves. Again, designers are seemingly borrowing from the spring color scheme with soft, light golds, which are more reminiscent of daffodils than the mustard-color we typically associate with fall. Balancing these light-colored pieces with dark ones like navy blue or black keeps these looks from seeming too spring-like.

After you get over the idea, try it! You will feel 10 years younger and look really hip.

Boots Made for Walking!

So, you have the colors down. What about your feet?

Boots can be uncomfortable for some with aging feet. You know, those bunions make shoe shopping a challenge. Arches that aren’t what they used to be make choosing any shoe or boot with a heel off the radar.

Enter the boots by ABEO. Wow! So comfortable. ABEO footwear, a relatively new company, is based on designs they say “to support your feet, align your body, balance weight distribution, increase stability, reduce foot fatigue and stress on your joints.”

And, guess what. They do! We tried the boots and they are so comfortable. They are really “made for walking!”

Wear the short boots with your black leggings, with short and long skirts, with your skinny, cuffed, torn or flared. Yes, cuffed from the 50s, torn from the grunge look and bell bottoms from the 60s and 70s . . . they’re back!!)

You can find the extremely comfortable ABEO boot exclusively at The Walking Company.

For something more understated, these low-heeled tasseled ankle boots by ABEO are perfect for everyday wear.

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