Four Plants that Make Beautiful Gifts and Interior Décor


Spring plants. Photo:

Spring has officially sprung! With that comes the Easter holiday. Spring and Easter are both symbols of rebirth and hope of renewal as a reminder of life restored.

Blooming plants are some of the best ways to commemorate the season with their inspiration and reminder of growth. Indoor plants are perfect for home décor or to gift for the season. Adding the best and freshest plants with beautiful blooms brings the finishing touches of spring and Easter right to your home.

We may not be able to give hugs to our loved ones, but we can give beautiful and fragrant plants!

Top Four Plants for Easter

Some Easter flowers, such as tulips, are enjoyed for a short time and then discarded. Other plants, such as those below, can be planted in the garden or used as houseplants for years to come. Here are four ideas from

gardenia plant

Gardenia plant. Photo:


One of the most popular plants due to its amazing scent, the gardenia is just the right plant to bring lasting beauty and enjoyment year-round.

The crisp, white blooms are a beautiful accent to the deep green, shiny foliage. Gardenias love to soak up the sun so keep it in bright direct light – they are happiest in a spot that gets shade during the hottest part of the day. The gardenia thrives in heat and humidity. In USDA Zones 8-11, you can plant in the ground, but they’ll need to overwinter indoors for those with colder weather.

The little extra care and attention are worth the incredible fragrance that will fill any space. It’s a true favorite among plant lovers, so it makes the perfect option for a gift.

azalea plant

Azalea. Photo:


A sure sign of spring, this classic beauty is one of the most prized plants for gardeners. The creamy blooms and lush green leaves are the perfect complements to each other.

Azaleas bloom in many shades, and some are reblooming. In USDA Zones 8-10, you can add them to your garden after blooming. Plant in bright indirect light with moist soil. Let the upper soil layer dry between watering.

It makes a unique and charming gift to celebrate Easter and everything spring. This vibrant plant is perfect for traditional classic home styling.

Hyacinth plant

Hyacinth plant. Photo:


Another fragrant welcome of spring is the hyacinth. This is a beautiful home décor piece that you’ll want to get up close and personal with as you inhale the deep purple blooms and delightful fragrance that fills the entire home when kept indoors.

If you are looking for a unique blooming plant, this is perfect for you. The hyacinth is an easy-to-grow plant suitable for both containers and the ground with a very noticeable and distinct bloom structure. It’s a great option to give as a gift because of the exceptional fragrance and easy care. Keep in full sun or bright indirect light for best results. Plant outdoors in USDA Zones 3-8. Remove spent blooms but keep foliage alive with good light and regular watering until foliage naturally dies back when you can remove it and plant the bulbs in the fall.

They are perfect for centerpieces, giving gifts to loved ones, or simply celebrating the season.

Hydrangea plant

Hydrangea plant. Photo:


Our favorite flower for its hardy and long-lasting blooms that burst in brilliant blue, pink, or purple; the hydrangea is a hidden gem sure to be a hit!

This surprise Easter plant can be called a majestic beauty because it flowers on both new and old growth, so you can enjoy luscious flowers all spring and into the summer season. They may be known for landscape, but they can thrive indoors in spring with easy care and basic needs fulfilled. Plant them outdoors in USDA Zones 7-11 in partial or indirect sunlight, keep the soil moist, and let the upper soil layer dry between watering.

Perfect for all home types, whether you have a small space or plenty of room for plants, blooming plants are the secret to bring spring indoors. With the proper care and handling (and a bit of love), these plants from can add a pop color, touch of elegance, and fragrant aroma to your home this spring season and into next spring.

By being mindful of your region and seasonal temperatures, replanting can be an option to make these beauties last.

Check out the Greenhouse Blog on for more tips and helpful information for repotting and reflowering your plants.

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