The Passion of Hiking Featured in Healthy Aging Magazine


Photo:  American Hiking Society

Photo: American Hiking Society


“Hiking keeps me young.  It challenges me.”  This is the passion of hiking in a nutshell.  Healthy Aging Magazine features quotes and essays from passionate hikers, tips on getting started, new ideas on where to hike and more.  Here are just some of what you will read in the latest issue:

Where are some of the world’s greatest hikes?  Sampler:  Mont Blanc, Patagonia, Appalachian Trail, Alaska and more.

Where can you meet other hikers over 50 years of age?  Idea:  Appalachian Mountain Club 50-Plus Adventure Camp.

Want to volunteer?  How about a volunteer vacation anywhere from Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands?

What about a “lodge to hut” adventure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire?

Check out these ideas and more in the Hiking is My Passion spread in Healthy Aging Magazine.  This issue is free as a digital copy when you subscribe to the quarterly print magazine.

Photo credit:  American Hiking Society

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