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The latest issue of Healthy Aging® Magazine has been published and it will not disappoint. Chockful of information and tips on healthy lifestyles, this quarter’s issue has something for everyone.

Hoda Kotb Shows Us the Way

From her personal passage to her exploration of others, Hoda Kotb, NBC TODAY show personality, news reporter and author, offers insight into finding the right life path.




Photo: The Ranch Malibu, California

Active Travel Ideas

Great vacation spots for the active traveler: Lake Tahoe, St. Augustine, New Orleans, Nashville, Stowe and Maui!

Cooking Lighter…Spa Cusine and More

From spa cuisine to Mediterranean-influenced dishes, here are ideas to “go light” and healthy.

Go Mobile For Better Health

How mobile health technology is changing our lives and pushing the boundaries of doctor/patient relationships.

Why People Retire Broke

3 reasons why people sabotage their retirement. Financial expert Chris Hogan shares his views.

Jeff Hester, astrophysicist to coach

Jeff Hester, astrophysicist to coach

On the market, Home of Academy Award winning entertainer Bing Crosby. Photo: Christina Frary of Mathew David Studio

On the market, Home of Academy Award winning entertainer Bing Crosby. Photo: Christina Frary of Mathew David Studio

Not Ready to Retire? You’re not Alone!

Inspirational profiles will get you thinking about your next passage. Skipping the eternal vacation, many are choosing to fill their lives with more meaningful activities and new careers.

Time to Move?

Considerations to make: Take off for the wild, blue yonder or keep the home fires burning? Fabulous homes on the market. Ideas for redecorating. Tips for downsizing.

Nixplay Edge

Nixplay Edge

The Latest in Photography and Photo Sharing

New photo equipment to try and ways to share photos beyond Facebook

Next Stop: Mexico


Tables by the sea in Puerto Vallarta

Part of the Healthy Aging® Ongoing Series of Where to Retire. Explore Mexico!

And more…

Columns  on Health, Finance, Food, Men’s Fashions, Recommended Books. Articles like: “Keeping the Mind Sharp. How Today’s Choices Affect Tomorrow’s Brain.” “Your Biggest Retirement Expense (and How to Get Rid of It).” “Boning Up on the Latest Food Trend, Bone Broth.” “Weightlifting Helps Push Back Hands of Time.” “Men’s Spring Fashion Trends for 2016 Are Pushing the Limits with Variety.” And more.

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