Official September is Healthy Aging® Month Poster Announced

The official 2022 September is Healthy Aging® Month poster has been released and is now available. If you want daily inspiration or if you lead groups in positive lifestyle education, this poster is perfect for your wall. The poster depicts a couple who appear to reach a peak in life with a world of possibilities ahead.

The inspirational poster will encourage anyone to get going.

Stay Fit!
Stay Adventurous!
Stay Healthy!
Stay Connected!

About September is Healthy Aging® Month

Healthy Aging® Month is an annual obser­vance month designed to focus national atten­tion on the pos­i­tive aspects of grow­ing older.

The mis­sion of Healthy Aging® Month is to encour­age local level Healthy Aging® events that pro­mote tak­ing per­sonal respon­si­bil­ity for one’s health… be it phys­i­cally, socially, men­tally, or financially.

The observance month began almost 30 years ago thanks to the efforts of Educational Television Network, Inc., a 501C3 non-profit, to continue to draw attention to healthy, active lifestyles at any age. September was chosen as a second time of the year in addition to May being Older Americans Month.

“Since we kicked off the observance month 30 years ago,” Carolyn Worthington, president of Healthy Aging®, the multi-media platform promoting the month, said, “there have been no more significant changes in the world and the lives of older adults than what we have seen over the past two and a half years.”

“We’ve hunkered down, taken stock of our health status, changed the way we communicate, work and play. While it’s been a challenge in many ways, we can now ready to capitalize on what we’ve learned and move forward in a healthy, positive way.”

What has not changed and is more important than ever is the opportunity to follow a healthy lifestyle, remain positive and passionate about life, and look forward to better days ahead.

Health Educators Take Note

The 2022 September is Healthy Aging® Month poster makes a good lead-in to any wellness program discussion. If you are a health educator or wellness coordinator, you can use the poster to kick off sessions on how a healthy lifestyle should include getting and staying in shape, the importance of challenging the mind and spirit, why making a commitment to better health and keeping up social connections are critical.

The poster is full-color, 18” x 24” inches, and costs $15.95 plus postage and handling. Posters are shipped promptly.

The Parkinson’s Foundation is a partner of the 2022 September is Healthy Aging Month campaign.

Order your official September is Healthy Aging® Month poster today!

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