Discounted Healthy Aging® Magazine Offer for Groups in Honor of September is Healthy Aging® Month

healthy aging magazineDiscounted Healthy Aging® Magazine Subscription for Organizations to Share with Members

September is Healthy Aging® Month, the national observance month created to celebrate the positive sides of growing older is here, and brings a special opportunity for non-profits organizations and other groups who reach out to adults, 45-plus.

Now more than 20 years since it began, September is Healthy Aging® Month provides inspiration and practical ideas for adults, ages 45-plus, to improve their physical, mental, social and financial well-being.

To honor the occasion, the publisher of Healthy Aging® Magazine is offering a $1 (almost free!), one-year subscription to Healthy Aging® Magazine (digital) for non-profits, health educators, wellness coordinators and retiree groups.

This is a unique opportunity for organizations to celebrate September is Healthy Aging® Month and all year with ideas from Healthy Aging® Magazine.

About Healthy Aging® Magazine

The quarterly, beautifully designed, digital magazine offers tips and techniques on healthy lifestyles. Along with diet and exercise, the magazine is chockful of healthy lifestyle ideas like ways to challenge your brain, keep your finances in check, be socially active and how to reinvent yourself.

“Here at Healthy Aging®,” said Carolyn Worthington, publisher, “we celebrate travel, entertaining, cooking, discovering a passion and hope to share our magazine with organizations who have the same interest and would like to share it with their members.”

Healthy Aging® Magazine is a quarterly magazine for men and women ages 45 and older. Each issue of Healthy Aging® Magazine features tips, techniques and resources for how to live a more healthy life.

Key highlights include a cover profile of a well-known person who has reinvented himself or herself later in life (Cesar Milan, Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Crow, Regis Philbin, Paul Anka, Dolly Parton, Steven Tyler, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, Colin Powell, Tom Brokaw, etc.). Extensive travel, food and lifestyle enrichment articles plus a spread on “passion” for a sport or activity from surfing, skiing and hiking to new careers are featured in each issue.

About September is Healthy Aging® Month

The numbers of people over 45 are growing every year. The attention used to be just on the baby boomers. The Generation X-ers are elbowing their way in and have many of the same interests as the previous generation – stay active and vibrant as long as possible. There are over 76 million baby boomers today over 50 and the first of the 82.1 million generation x-ers reached that milestone in 2015.

“Use September as the motivation to take stock of where you’ve been, what you really would like to do if money was no object,” Worthington said. “And try it! Who says you have to do something related to what you studied in school? Who says, you can’t start your own home business later in life, test you’re your physical prowess, or do something wildly different from anything you’ve done before? Only that person you see in the mirror!”

Special Offer for Healthy Aging® Magazine Subscription Details

The subscription offer is to organizations who will share with their audiences of 500 or more through their newsletters or other forms of communication. There is a handling fee of $1 per individual subscription. Each member will have their own login. The retail price of a one-year subscription is $24.95.

A special code will be given to each organization to share with their group members.

If you are interested, please email to receive the login for your discounted subscription.

Tell us:

• the name of your organization
• the size of your audience who will have access to Healthy Aging® Magazine
• how you will share the login (newsletter, internal website, etc.)

You will be provided with a custom login for your group to use for four quarterly issues.

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