Celebrate Grandparents! They Ain’t What They Used to Be!

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September is Healthy Aging® Month and within the month is “Grandparents Day.” This special day honoring grandmas and grandpas takes place the first Sunday after Labor Day. The roots of the observance go back to Jimmy Carter days in 1978 when Congress passed legislation solidifying the day for national recognition.

Of course, every day should be “Grandparents Day.” To honor grandparents, here at Healthy Aging® we are devoting a feature to the importance of grandparents in the upcoming fall 2017 Healthy Aging® Magazine issue.

The catalyst for recognizing grandparents came in the form of the recent Lesley Stahl book, Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting.

As Stahl puts it in her book today’s grandmas are way different from previous generations, “We don’t play canasta in the afternoon, we go to the gym; we get blond streaks instead of blue rinse; and we’re far move active with our own grandchildren than even our parents.”

You’ll enjoy our review of Stahl’s book and more thoughts on grandparenting, including quotes from some of our readers. Read the article, “The Old, Gray Grandma Ain’t What She Used to Be” in the upcoming Healthy Aging Magazine when you subscribe.

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