Makeovers and Beauty Trends for Summer

Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women

Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women

We are breathing a collective sigh of relief that the long winter is behind us, summer is here and vacation plans are being made. Happily, one of the current beauty styles for 2015 is undone hair, natural toned down nail colors with the focus on eyes and pouty mouths.

What better way to see how such trends come to life than to take a look at some makeovers. Anne Reizer, author of Beautiful Encore…Makeovers for Mature Women, has published a terrific resource how a little attention to beauty tricks can transform help you not only look good but add to your success in other areas of your life.

“Women in our generation have worn all manner of clothing and hairstyles in our lifetimes,” Reizer said. “We spent our twenties in miniskirts. We have worn culottes, maxi dresses, wrap dresses…power suits with dramatic shoulder pads…

“Why are we now limiting our style and grooming to a much more narrow menu?” Reizer adds. “Do we feel that only young women have a right to feel beautiful?”

Beautiful Encore is not a how-too book. Rather it serves as an inspiration to move forward, re-invent yourself and give you the emotional oomph to empower yourself.

What makes this book even more interesting is the women photographed are from a variety of life stages. Many are retired and many are widows. Each model shares an inspiring story of the new endeavors she started during her encore act.

Here are a few before and after examples from the book.

Beautiful Encore Chagua

Chagua — Before


Chagua, age 62, is a loving mother and educator. She owned and managed a Montessori school in Mexico for 11 years. Now living in the United States, she has seven grandchildren and is a firm believer in living in the present as the key to happiness.





Encore Makeovers for Mature Women

Chagua — After




Sue, age 72, worked as a special needs teacher for 27 years in Florida and Texas. She is now an accomplished ceramics artist. Music is another passion singing in her church choir and playing the violin (which she just learned recently) in a band.






Sue -- After

Sue — After

What’s your summer style? Try the “undone” trend

The trends were clearly stated by the stylists at the Paris Fashion Week as well as other spring fashion shows and brands such as Creatures of the Wind, featuring styles by celebrity hairstylist, Orlando Pita, L’Oreal Professionnel lead stylist, Amit Abraham, and celebrity beauty expert, Darrel Redleaf. Their proclamation for hair:  the “undone” look.

The natural, seemingly unfinished, almost thrown together look is a complete departure from the past few years of clip-on hair extensions and the hombre. Along with this natural look, the Paris Fashion Show sported many “undone” looks.

Creatures of the Wind, the design firm named in 2013 as one of Women’s Wear Daily Top Ten New American Fashion Brands to watch, chose the thrown together pony tail and undone look as the look to best show off their collection this spring.

Along with the undone ponytail, undone braids are also becoming trendier. What’s new about braids is doing a deep side part and resting the braid over one shoulder. The vintage half-up hairstyle is making its way back to being popular as well. The style is easy to do and frames the face well, so it’s the perfect hairstyle for a night out.

“The great thing about fashion and beauty now is there’s no right and wrong.  You make your own rules,” said Guido, Redken Global Styling Director. “Our products help you achieve the look you want.”

Who can wear the undone look?

Rest assured, the undone look can be for all ages.

Glenda Martin from Element Salon in Nashville, Tennessee said that the look is ageless, but that it usually looks better on older woman to have a blunt cut that looks fresh and healthy, because it looks more polished and modern.

“Undone hair over 40 is fabulous,” she said.

Lisa Wagner from Tangled Salon in Richboro, Pennsylvania said that there is “no reason not to have long hair if it is kept up according to type/texture and facial shape.”

Undone, however, doesn’t mean “without care,” or just plain sloppy.

Bethany Keith, owner, Gloss Salon, warns often  “the ‘undone’ longer hair look is beautiful in a photo right after it was “done” by a professional. This is a hairstyle just like any other. It has to be done.”

In Keith’s opinion, “It can only be executed correctly by having a beautiful rich color, usually a few highlights, professional hairstyling products, and tools. Unfortunately, there is no magical potion or hairspray that will give you this look right out of the shower.”

Who says long hair is only for millennials?

Photo: Redken

Photo: Redken

If you are in your 40s and beyond, you may wonder, is long hair only for the younger generations?

For some reason, tradition seems to dictate that older women must have short hair.  Not so, says Keith.

“Women do not need to chop their hair on their 40th birthday. Women with very healthy, hair that is trimmed every 6-8 weeks can wear longer lengths. If you have thin hair, you should keep shoulder length or shorter.

“I would not suggest hair past  shoulder blades or all one length for women over 40.  Another tip is to stay away from a hard middle part. Visit a good colorist to create a formula that compliments your skin tone, face shape and lifestyle. Last, having healthy hair is most important.  As with skin, your regimen should be with professional products that are “prescribed” just for you by a stylist. This can make all the difference in the world.”

Eye makeup trend

Trendy make-up style is showing  the classic black liner as remaining popular. With a thin line over the eye and a wing at the end, this make-up trend is simple to do but looks amazing. To make the look more dramatic, use liquid black eye liner all around the eye.

Photo: OPI

Photo: OPI

OPI photo

Photo: OPI

Lips make a statement

For lips, bold lipstick is the style. Vibrant red lips, to be precise, are what’s trending. This dramatic style was seen all over the 87th Oscars, with celebrities such as Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson showing off their vivacious red lips.

Nails go natural

Now that hair and make-up is sorted with, it’s time to talk about nails! Simple enough, though, this season’s nail trend is using soft polish. Having vibrant nails, bold colored or patterned  fingertips has been the trend for a long time, but this spring the trend is nude or pale colors for a more natural look.

Styles of the past have been all about unnatural, ostentatious looks, so this spring will be a huge sigh of relief for those more prone to the natural chic. Scrub off the dark nails and throw your hair up. This season is all about the beautiful, natural you!


Encore photos: Gabriela Lavalle
Contributor: Dana Perkiss


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