No April Fools’ Joke… Google’s Idea for How to Waste Your Day

google map pac man 282google map pac man Google has a very cool April Fools’ joke. You can turn a Google map into a Pac-Man game. This is a terrific way to completely waste your day today with this addictive game. You remember Pac-Man. It started in 1980 as an enormously popular arcade game and is considered one of the highest-grossing video games ever.

How to Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Want to try? Just click on Google Maps.

Search for any area with lots of streets, like New York, Chicago etc. It doesn’t work if you choose a sparsely populated area it seems.

Look for the Pac-Man symbol in the lower left corner and click.

Have fun wasting your April Fools’ Day!

(P.S. It’s April Fools’ and not April Fool’s because there are multiple fools!)

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