10 Tips to Quitting Smoking or Drinking

If you are ready, willing and want to quit on your own, following these tips from celebrity lifestyle coach, Lou Ryan, can lead to your success.

1.     Create a vision of the primary reason you want to stop Smoking or Drinking. Creating a vision of why you want to succeed can help you quit for life.  Example:  When I succeed, I can see myself wrestling with my grandkids, Jamie and Josh, on the family room floor full of energy, with the look of love and pure enjoyment on my face. 

2.     Write it down! Put your vision on a card and tape it to your cigarette pack.

3.     Commit to achieving that vision over the next month. I want and deserve and intend to manifest …[ read vision].

4.     Realize that WHEN EVER you have the desire to smoke or drink, you are making a CHOICE between either living your VISION or being an out of shape, unenthusiastic grandparent.

5.     Acknowledge that you don’t HAVE to quit smoking or drinking. You ALWAYS have a choice, regardless of the consequences.

6.     Recognize that it is NORMAL to have cravings. Smokers want to smoke, drinkers want to drink, hockey players want to play hockey.

7.     Whenever you have a desire to smoke or drink, use the desire and an opportunity to choose to train your mind to choose your VISION instead of a cigarette (drink) ” I’d like to smoke a cigarette (have a drink) but right now I choose to train myself to choose my Vision (read vision) instead.

8.     Acknowledge that training is uncomfortable and the discomfort is temporary.

9.     Choose to accept the temporary discomfort.

10.  Realize that you are addicted and once you quit… One will hurt!

Tips from Celebrity Lifestyle Coach, Lou Ryan, www.selfhelpworks.comLou_Ryan

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