From Big Blue to Business Coach…Finding What’s Next

Paska Nayden

Paska Nayden

Twenty-nine years at IBM and a recovering cancer patient, Paska Nayden came to realize that the corporate world was no longer an option while battling a disease.

After returning to work for a few months, Paska could not handle working for more than a few hours due to her body’s weakened and vulnerable state. Her colon cancer and treatments were impacting what she considered normal life, and the once glamorous work environment of high-demand and stress was long gone.

A life reflection wasn’t the only thing forced upon Paska. Allegedly cured after two surgeries, Paska’s colon cancer reared its ugly head once again, throwing Paska into a myriad of chemotherapy and radiation sessions. The treatments left her homebound. During her recovery from the first two surgeries, Paska earned her Associates Degree from the University of Phoenix, only to be stopped again in her 3rd battle with cancer this past winter.

“I kept reading stories of other people who went back to work almost immediately after surgery, even working through their treatment sessions,” said Paska. “It wasn’t an option for me.”

With a degree in hand and corporate life behind her, Paska wasn’t content sitting around waiting to recover. She went looking for her next career opportunity. While searching on the internet, Paska found Joe Tarshis, a Business Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source ( who helped her learn about the advantages of owning her own business. Joe walked Paska through a discovery process to help her define what she wants her life to look like and then identified the franchise business concepts that would help her make it happen.

“I didn’t know what a Business Coach had to offer me, but it was certainly worth exploring,” remarked Paska. “Having so much time on my hands while I was sick forced me to re-evaluate and look at my life differently,” recounted Paska.

After working with Joe, Paska learned that her initial idea of buying a business came with some risk, versus investing into a franchise which is an already proven successful formula. Through education, training, and a Business Coach’s guidance, potential franchisees like Paska can thoroughly understand which business concepts would mesh best with their lifestyle, goals and expectations.

“Joe encouraged me to focus on what an individual franchise concept would enable me to do. After narrowing it down to a couple business concepts, I decided to become a business coach myself with The Entrepreneur’s Source because of what it had to offer – flexibility to work out of my own home, control over my lifestyle, and to empower other like-minded individuals to discover their own career independence,” she added.

Paska was awarded the TES franchise with her sister and is working towards a promising career as a Business Coach. Now, Paska is coaching others through the same discovery process she experienced helping them understand how franchise ownership can put them back in control of their own life. “Before, it was all I could do to survive,” Paska said. “Being disabled and hardly making ends meet wasn’t the life I envisioned for myself. Now, I’m building on what I have been given and finally able to live my life and enjoy it. I’ve been given the opportunity to thrive, and I’ll embrace that with everything I’ve got.”

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