Announcing Winter Issue of Healthy Aging® Magazine – January 20, 2024

Winter 2024 Healthy Aging Magazine

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 The latest issue of Healthy Aging® Magazine
Published January 20, 2024

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What’s Inside?

Be inspired by Jacques Pepin, who has authored 29 cookbooks and has published his latest, Jacques Pepin, The Art of Cooking. At 88 years of age, there is no sign of Pepin slowing down. His approach to cooking and life will energize you as he continues educating the generations through his economical, easy-to-follow, yet stylish recipes.

Elaine LaLanne, the incredibly energetic and charismatic 97-year-old wife of Jack LaLanne, shares her philosophy on healthy and happy aging. Jack LaLanne was considered “The Godfather of Fitness” because of his many firsts in the fitness world, and his wife, Elaine, was by his side throughout his accomplishments. You will enjoy her story and thoughts on how to be positive and motivated.

Add new recipes to your repertoire from the cookbooks we review with ideas for cooking for friends and family, secrets from Tuscan women who cook, how to make pasta at home, and how to prepare classics from days gone by.

Charge up your mental wellness with inspirational articles on psychological resilience, the therapeutic power of cooking, how to stop thinking bad thoughts and sleep better, and how to be more positive.

Be moved by the compelling story of one man’s relationship with his father drawn from an interest in magic.

You’ll find great tips on how to shoot better family videos, how yoga can help your balance, gift ideas for the youngest generation, and how to save money on cruise travel.

The all-digital, easy-to-read issue with colorful, beautiful photography will be available on January 20, 2024.

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