Inspirational Feature: Jacques Pepin … Still Teaching Generations to Cook

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Jacques Pepin

(Clockwise from top left) Winter 2024 cover, Healthy Aging Magazine; Michael Chauner, Carolyn Worthington, Jacques Pepin; Jacques Pepin new cookbook cover; Sweet and Spicy Curried Chicken (Tom Hopkins photo)


By Carolyn Worthington and Michael Chauner

It’s never too late (or early) to be inspired by the latest art and techniques of cooking.

I recently re-discovered that by coming across the latest book by my favorite chef, Jacques Pepin, entitled “Jacques Pepin, Cooking My Way.”

Here is an excerpt in the article published in Winter 2024 Healthy Aging Magazine.

One of the things I like most about Jacques Pepin, who just turned 88, is how he exemplifies the spirit of Healthy Aging® … He is amazingly energetic. He is passionate about life, friends, family, giving back, and teaching all levels of chefs, from professionals to beginners.

Rolling with the times, he continues to adapt his passion to an ever-evolving culinary landscape by releasing a refreshing book that captures today’s need for quality dishes with inexpensive ingredients and limited time.

Recently, Michael Chauner and I visited Pepin at his home in Connecticut, where he has lived since 1975, to learn more about his new book and to hear his thoughts on the state of cooking today compared to the 70s and 80s and where it might be going for millennials and the next generations.

“Jacques Pepin, Cooking My Way”

His newest book, Jacques Pepin, Cooking My Way, embodies his overall reader-first philosophy and runs in the spirit of his quick-and-simple social media recipes, featuring simple, cost-effective recipes that use inexpensive and minimal ingredients but still “fit for a king” as he has jested in one of his videos.

His latest work is something for all generations to enjoy and could serve as the perfect gateway for a first-time cook to enter the culinary world free of intimidation.

The book, Pepin said, is really an extension of the “Cuisine Economique” column he wrote for The New York Times.

“Sometimes, it is difficult for a beginner cook to grasp this principle of economy,” Pepin said. But the more you know about food, the better you understand; the more you cook, the faster and more efficient your cooking will get; and the more you familiarize yourself with basic ingredients and basic technique, the easier it gets to prepare a meal.”

Two of our favorite recipes are Grilled Cod with Olives and Sweet and Spicy Curried Chicken

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