Letter from the Publisher – Winter 2024

Announcing the Winter 2024 Healthy Aging® Magazine Issue

Publisher Letter

Dear Healthy Aging® Magazine reader,

“Grasp special moments before they are gone…”

As we were about to close the content for this latest issue, we received a contributed article that touched my heart and soul. We shuffled things around and made a place for this special article, “Copperfield and Me.”

The heartfelt personal story by Rajiv Shah revolves around magic, aging, a young man’s passion, his relationship with his father, and the message that flows through many of the pages of Healthy Aging® … “grasp special moments before they are gone.”

magic and aging

See his story here: MY STORY: Copperfield & Me

Throughout life, we are confronted with crossroad choices and opportunities to grasp special moments. For some, practical decisions dictated directions chosen.

For others, serendipity reined while onlookers may have wondered, “What are you thinking?”

These seminal crossroad decisions are not just reserved for our youth. The choices of how to spend your time can appear at any time in life’s journey.

Personally, right out of college, I considered getting an MBA and going into marketing. However, my creative side, a passion for writing, cooking, and photography, was calling me. A chance meeting with chef/author/culinary teacher/TV celebrity Jacques Pepin, our cover feature profile, changed everything. Fortunately, I grasped that special moment when he gave me life-changing advice.

Jacques Pepin Cooking My Way

Now, at 88 and still going strong, Pepin has published his latest of over 30 cookbooks, “Jacques Pepin, Cooking My Way.” Pepin’s success in each of his endeavors bespeaks his ability to grasp opportunities and make the most of them while teaching and inspiring others.

Pepin is passionate about life, friends, family, giving back, and teaching all levels of chefs, from professionals to beginners. Rolling with the times, he continues to adapt his passion to an ever-evolving culinary landscape by releasing a refreshing book that captures today’s need for quality dishes with inexpensive ingredients and limited time.

When I heard about Pepin’s latest book, I took the opportunity to see him again. This time, Michael Chauner and I visited him at his home to interview him about his philosophy on cooking and how he is influencing the next generations.

Michael Chauner, Carolyn Worthington, Jacques Pepin

(Left to right) Michael Chauner, Carolyn Worthington, Jacques Pepin

It was a wonderful visit and a unique opportunity to see where he films his cooking segments, his adorable dog, Gaston, his art studio, and more. I did not seek his advice about cooking school this time, but it was a chance to hear firsthand how his teaching has evolved.

I again was inspired by Pepin … this time to try more of his recipes and share his books with friends, family, and readers of Healthy Aging®.

You can read about our serendipitous meeting with Pepin here: Jacques Pepin … Still Teaching Generations to Cook

Elaine LaLanne photographed in her and Jack's home in Morro Bay, CA. Photo: Michael Tyrone-Delaney

Elaine LaLanne photographed in her and Jack’s home in Morro Bay, CA. Photo: Michael Tyrone-Delaney

Elaine LaLanne is another example of someone who seized opportunities for a happy and healthy life from her days as an on-air TV host, where she met Jack and later married him. In her personal story, Elaine LaLanne: What I’ve Learned for Healthy, Happy Aging, the soon-to-be 98-year-old shares insights on what she has learned and lived by … grasping onto special moments along the way. Truly an inspiration, Elaine has also recently published a new book with Greg Justice, Pride & Discipline: The Legacy of Jack LaLanne in His Words & The Words of Those He Inspired.

See Elaine’s story here: Elaine LaLanne: What I’ve Learned for Healthy, Happy Aging

Tuscan Women Cook

Tuscan Women Cook class. Photo: Tuscan Women Cook

Coleen Kirnan, based in Southern California, acquired the culinary immersion course in 2016 after numerous visits as a guest. At her later-in-life crossroads, she reinvented her career and followed her passion for cooking, travel, and her love of Italy. See Coleen’s story here: Tuscan Women Cook … A Cooking Course and Book

We invite you to be inspired by these profile stories and other mental, physical, social, and financial wellness features.

If you are a foodie, you will love the 13 recipes in this issue, including two from Jacques Pepin’s new book and over 140 healthy and delicious recipes from past issues shared by top cookbook authors.

We were impressed by several new cookbooks and share the reviews with recipes for Gatherings, Casual-Fancy Meals to Share, and Fresh Pasta at Home from America’s Test Kitchen in our article, Healthy Aging Magazine | How to Beat the Winter Blues, The Gilded Age Cookbook, Recipes and Stories From America’s Golden Era in the article Healthy Aging Magazine | Time Travel Through the Gilded Age of Food

Julia Child laughing on the set of French Chef filming, May, 1966. Photo: Paul Child, The Schlesinger Library, Harvard Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

And speaking of food for thought, don’t miss the upcoming Julia Child exhibit.

Healthy Aging Magazine | TRAVEL: JULIA CHILD EXHIBIT at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture (VMHC), ) from March 16-Sept. 2, 2024. Read all about it here.

We hope you will enjoy this next issue. You will find the digital magazine easy to read and maneuver with its large typeface and vivid photography.


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