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What’s Inside?

Inspirational and informative articles including:

Jacques Pepin interview by Healthy Aging Magazine

Jacques Pepin … Still Teaching Generations to Cook

Interview: Jacques Pepin on cooking and new book…

Elaine Lalanne personal story on healthy and happy aging

Elaine Lalanne photographed in her and Jack’s home in Morro Bay, CA. Michael Tyrone-Delaney Photo.

Elaine LaLanne: What I’ve Learned for Healthy, Happy Aging

Elaine LaLanne shares her secrets for successful aging from new book…

Gatherings cookbook

A Cozy Icelandic Evening from Gatherings, Casual-Fancy Meals to Share Photo courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen

How to Beat the Winter Blues:

Have more “gatherings” and learn a new culinary skill!…

Psychological Resilience: A Roadmap for Successful Aging

Strategies for how to adapt and bounce back from challenges…

Photo: Silversea

A Bargain Cruise with Nothing to See But the Sea

Avid traveler reflects on why you might consider a repositioning cruise…

Chef Darryl Taylor. Photo with permission of Chef Darryl Taylor website

The Therapeutic Power of Cooking: How It Enhances Mental Well-Being

Top reasons why cooking helps your mental health…

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton.hero.wikimedia

Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton.Photo: Wikimedia

Time Travel Through the Gilded Age of Food

New cookbook offers a glimpse into a by-gone era with updated recipes for today’s cook…

Photo: Tuscan Women Cook

Tuscan Women Cook … A Cooking Course and Book

Immerse yourself in Tuscany …

Photo: Deposit Photos

How I Learned to Quiet My Mind for a Better Night’s Sleep

How changing habits might help you sleep …

Photo: Leftbank Art

The Healing Canvas: The Power of Art for Inner Wellness and Well-being

What are the therapeutic benefits of having art around you?…

Photo: Deposit Photos

Understanding and Overcoming Retirement-Related Depression

Signs, causes, and treatments of retirement-related depression explored…

How to Shoot Great Family Videos

Film producer, writer, director offers tips for the best home movies…

Photo: Deposit Photos

How Belief and Positivity Help Power Us to 100

Ideas to optimize our chances of living to 100 in good health…

Photo: Deposit Photo

Beyond the Wobble: A Guide to Improving Your Balance with Yoga

How do we lose our balance? Plus 3 effective exercises to help improve it….

gift ideas from healthy aging Magazine

Imaginative Gifts To Give The Grandkids — 2024

Affordable gift ideas for the next generations…

Julia laughing on set of the French Chef while filming episode #131: Lobster Thermidor, May 13, 1966. Photograph by Paul Child © The Schlesinger Library, Harvard Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.


Julia Child’s life and legacy on view in only East Coast engagement…

MY STORY: Copperfield & Me

A personal story about magic and aging by Rajiv Shah



Why life gets better with age…


Financial planning for your dental needs…

publisher letter

Carolyn Worthington, Healthy Aging Magazine publisher

Letter from the Publisher

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