A New / Old Way to Settle the Stomach After the Large Meal…

After dinner digestif:  Averna

After dinner digestif: Averna

Every year, on the last Thursday in November, Americans take it upon themselves to gorge and overeat in the spirit of tradition and celebratory meals of the past. Delicious aromas and decadent treats like candied yams, pea casseroles, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce over mouthwatering turkey and pies pies and more pies fill tables in houses across the country. But when the food is devoured and the inevitable stomachache rolls in, turn away from the antacids, Pepto, ginger ale and random stretches and turn towards an Italian tradition.

Averna Amaro, Sicily’s first licensed spirit and Italy’s favorite Amaro, is a bitter digestive that has been curing stomachaches of Italians for centuries. Originally created by Benedictine friars in Caltanissetta, Sicily, as an herbal tonic for healing powers, the recipe was shared with Salvatore Averna in 1854 as a special elixir. Averna, one of the most celebrated Amaros in the world, is made from only natural ingredients. Distilled from a delicate blend of flowers, herbs, dried fruits, spices and licorice, the flavors are soaked in alcohol with a touch of caramel to create a complex spirit with a smooth yet firm taste that is full-bodied with a bitter sweet finish.

This November, you can turn away from the over-the-counter medicine and turn towards an Italian tradition that might settle your stomach and please your tastebuds. At least, you will have a new conversation piece and it will be a fun way to end the meal!

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