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Dr. Phil McGraw. Photo: Merit Street Media

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What’s Inside?

Dr. Phil Sounds Off on Why We Have Issues

And what to do about it…

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland England. Travel article in Healthy Aging Magazine

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, England.  

Travel: Discovering New Gems of England

Postcards from England . . .

Full English Breakfast from Regional Cooking of England

Full English Breakfast from Regional Cooking of England by Carol Wilson, ISBN 9780754835462, published by Lorenz Books.

Travel to Cook, Cook to Travel: Regional Cooking of England

Travel to England through Regional Cooking of England…

Chicken Kebabs

Chicken Kebabs from The Smart Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Serena Ball, MS, RD, and Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD, (BenBella Books, Inc.). Photos by Elise Cellucci.

Get Smart … With Your Cooking

3 new cookbooks with healthy, delicious recipes…

Power to change your life


You Have The Power To Change Your Life

Strategies for understanding and overcoming failure perceptions …

Busy Brain


Putting a “Busy Brain” in Check: Reclaim Your Mind’s Calm

A fresh path for professionals…

Robert Reames

Robert Reames. Photo courtesy of Robert Reames

This is 64: Paint Your Own Masterpiece of a Life Well-Lived

Let your 60s, 70s, and even 80s can be your canvas, not a countdown…

breaking free from debt


Breaking Free from the Debt Cycle

Tips for how to effectively break free from the debt cycle…

Shakespeare books

Photo by Claire Fullerton

Different Hats

Claire Fullerton shares her thoughts on keeping the embers burning through new passion …

writing their own stories


Writing Their Own Stories

Authors and gal pals find a community in their shared passion for writing …

overcoming jealousy


Overcoming Jealousy

Techniques to overcome obstacles that block us from our full potential…

Purpose and connection


Purpose and Connection

Hacks to foster purpose and connection…

Fencing as a passion later in life


Grownups Fencing But Not Competing

En garde! Never too late to try something new…

Positive affect of outdoor exercise

Caroline Paul and Miss Kittie. Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Paul

Join In

The positive effect of outdoor adventure on aging…

Midlife no crisis


Perspective is Everything

Embracing middle age and making it a positive experience…

In Every Issue

gardening in small places


IDEAS Tips for Growing Flowers in Small Spaces

Tips for growing flowers in small spaces…

what it means to be musical. Article in Healthy Aging Magazine


MUSIC: What Does It Mean to Be Musical?

Are you born with it or is it be learned?…

Struggling to find your calling?

Photo: Usplash, Esther Tuttle

MENTAL WELLNESS: Struggling to Find Your Calling?

Try listening to your body’s wisdom, not your mind’s…

FINANCE: Rethinking Retirement

How to manage your finances and pursue your passion…

Travel Show Healthy Aging Magazine booth

HEALTHY AGING® MAGAZINE NEWS: Come Visit Us in NY at the 2025 Travel & Adventure Show

Mark your calendars and come visit us on January 25 – 26, 2025…


New books to check out…


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